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Features, Benefits, fee and Charges of Multi Currency Forex Cards

March 15, 2018

Features, Benefits, Fee and Charges of Multi Currency Forex Cards


As the name implies, Multi-Currency Forex cards can be loaded with multiple foreign currencies and you will not need to bother about currency conversion rates when you use the card.


The concept is simple.

1.You can load different foreign currencies at the current exchange rates on just one card.

2. You will have the convenience of using local ATMs in different countries to withdraw cash without being levied any extra charge.

3. If you are running short, you can easily reload your Ebix Cash World Money Multi-Currency card from anywhere.

4. Be always safe, carry just the minimum amount of cash along with your multi-currency forex card.

5. Quick and easy procedure to block your card if it’s lost or stolen.

6. Buy at the cheapest forex rates in India. Rates are updated on the website every 2-3 minutes in realtime.

7. Avail 24 x 7 hour service.

8. Ebix Cash World Money offers Forex cards at 0 margin% and hence users can buy forex for travelling abroad at IBR or interbank rates.


So Why Multi-Currency Forex Card?


Suppose you are travelling from India to multiple destinations such as Turkey, Italy, Germany, France and UK on a business trip, and in each country you will be spending just a couple of days.  Then all you need to do is figure out how much you will spend in each country.


Convert the amount into that country’s currency and load it in your Multi-Currency Ebix Cash World Money Forex card.

For example, a decent hotel room in Switzerland will cost about Rs 10,000 and other expenses like food, entertainment and travel will be an additional Rs 5000. So your total daily expenditure will be approximately Rs 15000 a day. If the current rate for one Swiss Frank is Rs 67.10, two days in Switzerland should cost (Rs30,000 divided by 67.10 = approximately 450 Swiss Franks) about four hundred and fifty Swiss franks.


For Italy, Germany and France you will need to do the conversion in Euros after calculating the costs and for the UK in Pounds.


Convenient, secure, immune to fluctuations, and flexible to use, that’s your Ebix Cash World Money Multi-Currency Forex card.

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