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Toronto Canada Travel Guide

April 04, 2018

Toronto for Indian Visitors

Toronto takes the word ‘cosmopolitan’ to another level. This is not just Canada’s biggest city dotted with skyscrapers and an attractive skyline; half the residents of this city were born outside. The city has 200 ethnic groups speaking 140 languages; it’s more like the UN General Assembly and glue that binds them all is the English language and their Canadian nationality. 

Toronto has a Korean Town, China town, Little Italy, Greek Town and many more. Our Indian desi enclaves are in Gerrard Ave and Coxwell; Brampton town has a massive Indian population too.

Toronto Islands

These are three islands and the main hub is the Center, with amusement parks and other entertainments. Ward's and Algonquin islands are more peaceful with English gardens and picnic areas. All three are connected and you don’t need a boat to move from one island to another.

Distillery District

Worry not, the name is misleading and you won’t find drunken louts pestering you. In former times it was a distillery but today it’s an attractive cobbled paved neighbourhood just for pedestrians. This place is the tourist hub and has art galleries, cafes and performance spaces. There are many festivals and exhibitions held here all around the year.

St. Lawrence Market

Some consider it the best food market in the world judging by the quality of the produce sold here. Try and visit it on a Saturday, though crowded, it comes alive with vociferous vendors, delicious food sold at reasonable prices. On Sundays this market is transformed into an antique sellers’ market.

Harbourfront Centre

Located on the banks of Lake Ontario, this 10 acre facility has transformed warehouses into theatres and an art gallery and multiple eateries. The Harbourfront Centre also hosts about 4,000 events in one year.

CN Tower, Toronto

Considered the seventh wonder of the world by the American Society of Civil Engineers which you may consider a bit “biased”, the CN Tower is still an impressive sight. The tower was built to overcome TV signal problems in the seventies due to the city’s multi tower boom. With a revolving restaurant at 1,150 ft. and the sky pod at 1465 ft. It’s a place worth a visit; to locate it look up and turn 360 degrees anywhere in Toronto.

Toronto Zoo

 With charges around US $17 for adults and $11 for the kids, this is a great place to spend a whole day. Visiting it requires planning since it’s more than 20 miles away; but you will be well rewarded. The Zoo is divided into 7 Climatic Zones and the animals in zoo live in their appropriate climate zones. 

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