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How To Best Explore A City When You’re Travelling Abroad For Studies

November 02, 2017

How To Best Explore A City When You’re Travelling Abroad For Studies

Now that you’re sorted with your finances or at least have started with the process of researching about the available modes of payment, it’s finally time to let your mind wander. Get on your laptops and tabs, or call your friends and family staying there to plan on how to make the most of your time when you’re abroad, albeit when you’re not studying! After all, it’s not just formal education but your life experiences too that act as a teacher, contributing to your learning and growth. With your throbbing hearts and nervous enthusiasm of staying all by your own, this is your opportunity to grow up to be independent. Besides, unwinding also helps you to refresh your mind and go back to studying rejuvenated.

Here are some valuable guides on how to best explore a city when you are studying abroad.

Know its history

If you don’t have friends and family staying at the place you will be relocating to, Google Search is one of the best bets for you to know all that you want about the city – its past, the culture, the people and the interesting trivia that will help you to soak in the uniqueness of the place.

Make smart financial decisions

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Explore on foot and lose your way

The best way to know a place and enjoy its vibe is to explore it on foot. If you are sticking to the trodden path, you may be able to tick off all places from your list, but there’s nothing like getting off the bus at a random place and exploring it on foot. Imagine the thrill of getting lost in one of the narrow lanes! You get exposed to a part of the city that is so different from the rest and yet most of the indigenous people perhaps don’t even know about the existence of this hidden gem. Make it to your class the next day and boast about your little adventure!

Connect with the locals

The local people of a place brings a city to life and gives the place its identity. Socialise with the locals for valuable insights about the place and know the interesting stories that usually go around by the word of mouth - those which you probably wouldn’t find anywhere else. Make memories and cherish them.

Indulge in its culture and cuisine

How can exploring a place ever be complete without indulging in its cuisine! It is another way to know the city, its history and past influences. You may or may not like it, but what’s the harm in trying, right? Give your apprehensions a skip and dig into the local cuisine. For all you know, it may turn out to be your favourite!

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